By Helena hill

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I help busy, Corporate MUMS develop simple lifestyle habits, to get lean & never worry about losing weight again

Before / Afters

Post pregnancy fitness journey. Total 12 kilos lost between each photo with lean muscle gained & 2 finger abdominal separation closed.

Feedback from 6 month postnatal client with abdominal separation of just under 1.5 fingers. She followed the programme consistently and closed her gap in less than 2 months.

PT And coaching client looking to lose fat
and tone up: 10 kilos lost in 4 months with NO cardio

Meet Helena

Helena Hill - Personal Trainer Female Fat Loss Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist Mum of 3

I’m Helena and I’m a female Personal Trainer in London specialising in female fat loss and pre & post natal fitness. I’m also a busy full-time working wife and mother of three girls under three so I understand the challenges that come with juggling work and family life along with a fitness routine.

When I was in my early twenties, like many young women, I followed fad, quick fix diets which ultimately led to plateaus fears and misconceptions around food and poor body image – all due to my lack of understanding on fitness and nutrition. It wasn’t until I adapted a weight training lifestyle and learned about nutrition 10 years ago that I finally created a physique that not only I was happy with, but was healthy and sustainable. This eventually led me to change career and retrain as a Personal Trainer in order to pass on my knowledge and help women improve their self-confidence and their lives the way I did; and I’ve never looked back.
Today, I educate and help my clients to create a healthy, committed mindset around food and exercise and am passionate about providing them with the tools necessary to create a successful framework that is both empowering and sustainable.I help busy mums develop simple lifestyle habits so that they never have to worry about losing weight ever again. I help my clients using; motivation psychology, meal planning, HIIT, weight training and core restore/ rehabilitation exercises to fix their mummy tummy.

Whether you are a busy professional or a new mum struggling to lose those last ten pounds, I can help you.


I’m with you every step of the way., supporting you to focus whilst offering, dedicated guidance through motivation and accountability. I can bring out the passion I have to help empower and inspire women across the globe.Through my programme, I want to help promote a positive body image. From training to nutrition to shifting your mindset—I can help you become well-balanced in your mind, body, and soul.​ Together, we will work on setting tangible goals that motivate you and are achievable. We’ll get to the core of what matters to you the most. In my 12-Week Program, I’ll help you get into your best shape and you’ll learn how to sustain this lifestyle for years to come.


Exercising today will help you create the best version of yourself for tomorrow in body and mind. Strength training is an essential part of transforming your body, boosting your energy levels, and focus to get the most out of every day. Strength training increases your lean mass and decreases your body fat by increasing your metabolism. Attaining a toned physique requires building muscle. Don’t be afraid to gain muscle! Women sometimes fear getting too ‘bulky’, but ladies let me assure you, to become anything like a pro female bodybuilder, it takes elite muscle-building genetics and years of consistent effort at the gym and in the kitchen. ​ I’ll take you through your personalised programme, to help shape your body to become more lean, toned and happy with the way you look.


Learn how to build or improve on sound nutrition habits, backed by evidence and tailored to fit your own personal needs! ​ Busy women like us need to be quick in the kitchen—at home or on-the-go. Whether it’s long commutes, work, social events, or cooking for the entire family I have solutions for all. ​ My 12-Week Transformation programme gives you limitless options to bridge health with convenience, develop a healthy relationship with food and work on your weight loss goals too. ​ I will help you implement clear, goal-driven nutrition and lifestyle habits that are evidence-based and tailored to fit your needs!

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